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If you are interested in marketing your gambling site in portuguese and need a local writer to produce your portuguese content, ask for this extra service when you order the marketing campaing. It will have an extra cost, but your content will be written by a portuguese native speaker.

Online Gambling in LatAm

I am a specialist in online gambling in Latin America. I started working back in 1997 when I used to have some free hosting sites and my first domain to promote online casinos by Grand Virtual (Casino Lux, Casino Treasure, Imperial Casino, Charming Casino, ...) and after that, other brands by Gambling Federation like Video Poker Classic, Sizzling Slots and more. My focus was LatAm countries and I sucessfully made a great success in Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina. Some years later, I expanded to European countries.

This blog ( was established in 2001 and I keep working on news and reviews for online gambling in Brazil. There are a lot of scammers offering services for European brands willing to enter LatAm countries. The result is absolutely the worst possible: a look-and-feel not appealing to brazilian audience, texts written by agencies that don't understand online gambling, and many other mistakes.

If you are serious about establish your brand in Brazil or any other country in Latin America, what you need is a group of specialists that are in the online gambling sector since 2001, with huge experience in the affiliate marketing and content creation.

No matter how big and how well established your brand is in Europe. Brazil is a completely different country and that's why you see European giants struggling to get good results. They applied wrong strategies and are set to vanish as soon as they entered the market.

You can read more information about casinos e apostas no Brasil in a very detailed article explaining since the history of casinos in Brazil until today, when a movement is trying to bring back casinos to the country.

Will online gambling in Brazil be regulated? Could sports betting in Brazil be regulated? Let's find out.

Avoid the Scammers!

We can work in a correct way and produce appealing content that is talking the same language that brazilians do. It might be interesting change some graphics components of your website to making it interesting for the LatAm audience. One thing is for sure: you read scammers talking a lot about brazilian market but I can guarantee you they know anything about it.

My clients are experiencing the best results while other brands are being guided to the wrong direction and will fail. The favorite brands in Brazil are Bet365, Sportingbet, Vera&John, and Betmotion. You must at least study what these brands are doing and the look-and-feel of their sites.

On the other hand, we can see big names of the igaming industry failing, even after acquire small brands and have partnered with brazilian soccer teams.

Well, a good start is advertise at and get a good content linking to a customized landing-page.

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